MGEDT is currently advertising for the following paid and volunteering opportunities:

MGEDT Ambassadors  – England and Wales (voluntary position)

MGEDT is seeking to recruit a team of Ambassadors who will be an official representative and spokesperson of the organisation. This is a brand new role and opportunity for those with a passion and interest in our work to make a change to support the needs of those affected by eating disorders.

For your information, the purpose of an Ambassador is to lend their voice to support men with eating disorders to promote awareness of the issues and recovery. This will, in turn, will support many of the charity’s functions like fundraising, campaigning, public relations, marketing and awareness-building for our cause. One way they will do this is by encouraging our supporters to register as champions to increase all round involvement in the organisation and activities.

To grow as as a charity we want to engage with more men with eating disorders, create new volunteering opportunities and increase their involvement in all areas of our work. Over time, we want to develop user-involvement throughout the organisation – our Ambassadors will be driving force and will take lead in order enable this.

Ambassador duties include:
• Speaking at conferences, public events, meetings etc and network as a spokesperson for MGEDT and eating disorders in men.
• Assisting with PR and media work by providing quotes in press releases and giving interviews.
• Promoting volunteering (e.g. champions scheme) to enhance involvement and capacity in our work.
• Attending user-led steering group sessions, MGEDT events and conferences as required.
• Assisting the Director with strategic planning, grant bidding, fundraising and user consultations.

We are keen to ensure that ensure that men with eating disorders are positively represented so encourage men of all ages, ethnicities, sexualities, religions, social classes from all localities across England and Wales. Moreover we want to ensure that the broad spectrum of eating disorders are represented among the Ambassadors.

If you are interested in applying to the MGEDT Ambassador role you must be eighteen and over and living in England and Wales (unless you have been invited to apply from further afield). You must be able to demonstrate you are working towards recovery and be in a position to promote recovery messages.

To apply please see the information pack attached along with the application form. Recruitment round 2 will be announced Spring 2015 – please enquire for details. In some instances interviews can be carried out via telephone or skype. If you have applied I’ll be inc contact with you individually in due course to discuss next steps

Download: MGEDT Ambassador Recruitment Pack

Download: MGEDT Ambassador Application Form


Community Engagement and Outreach Volunteers – Brighton and Hove (voluntary position)

MGEDT – on behalf of the Brighton and Hove Eating Disorders Peer Support Service – is seeking ‘Community Engagement and Outreach Volunteers’ based in the Brighton and Hove area.

EDAware is the name of our new project that seeks to promote awareness of eating disorders to breakdown the stereotypes and misconceptions associated with eating disorders. The main aim of the project is to make Brighton and Hove an eating disorders aware city.

The volunteers will be involved in a variety of activities including assisting in the distribution of posters and other publicity materials in the community; helping with organised mail-outs to organisations and services; and manning informational and educational stalls at conferences, health events, student fairs, etc. It will also include a photo project ‘RecoverED’ illustrating the diversity of people affected by eating disorders and their stories to be exhibited next year.

Applications are welcomed from any gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or social background to reflect the indiscriminate nature of eating disorders.

Anyone interested in volunteering will be invited to a ‘Welcome and Induction’ evening followed by a training event. Additional support will be offered by the Charity Director as necessary.

If you’d like further information and or have any enquiries relating to the roles please email

Download: MGEDT Standard Application Form

For any further information or enquiries regarding any of the roles please email Sam Thomas (Director):

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