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People, Not Puns – By Matt Wetsel

MGEDT’s own Sam and myself were interviewed for a story recently on the Huffington Post covering eating disorders in men. To their credit, I frequently see articles on the site discussing eating disorders, body image, and other lesser discussed health … Continue reading

“Anorexia is a memory, not my master” – A review of ‘Becoming John: Anorexia’s not just for girls’ – By Nick Watts

I had been given a copy of ‘Becoming John’ by its author, John Evans so we thought it would be a wonderful idea to give you all a taster on the website, well my opinion on it anyway! The title … Continue reading

Natasha Devon from Body Gossip on Men, body image & the Body Gossip book

Imagine you have a friend who is obsessed with their appearance, to the extent that it is dominating pretty much their every waking thought. Imagine they spend an average of four hours every day styling, plucking, shaving, moisturizing, applying makeup … Continue reading

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