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66 per cent rise in hospital admissions for men with eating disorders

Earlier this week the Royal College of Practitioners announced that they had seen a 66 per cent rise in hospital admissions involving men suffering from eating disorders in England and Wales over the past ten years.

The number of men affected by eating disorders is hard to judge and its feared that the latest figures could be the start of a worrying trend.

At MGEDT we know that the majority of men with anorexia and bulimia struggle to get diagnosed. Male sufferers aren’t always able to recognise their symptoms and talk to others. Lack of awareness of eating disorders in men from GPs also plays a factor and can cut them off from the crucial support and treatment they need.

Sam Thomas, MGEDT Founder and Project Leader told Reuters news agency that the rise of men with eating disorders is ‘not a surprise and commented on the factors that could be contributing to the rise.

Men are subject to all kinds of different pressures. This rise could indicate an increased awareness of eating disorders among men, but it could also signal a genuine rise in the illnesses in males due to increasing pressure on men to look good, pressure in the workplace, and even financial worries,” Thomas said.

There are certainly many different factors involved and I think it’s a combination of all of them.”

Throughout the week there has been signifacnt media coverage highlighting the issue of male eating disorders and the rise in hospital admissions.

Our Trustee Nick Watts gave an interview on BBC Oxford giving

the organisations perspective. Listen to his interview here (1hr, 13 mins in).

BBC Radio 1”s Newsbeat covered the story with a interview with 20 year old Ben Porter. See the online article and short clip here

Former anorexia sufferer and MGEDT supporter Si Ng from Birmingham told his story on ITV’s Central Regional News. Watch this interview here.

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