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Dedication to Jeremy Gillitzer one year on… By Sam Thomas

On June 1st, it is the first anniversary of Jeremy Gillitzer’s passing. He died from complications relating to anorexia and bulimia. Below is a blog written by Sam Thomas (Project Leader) originally published in June 10. This is a dedication to the memory of Jeremy one year on…

Jeremy Gillitzer, male eating disorder sufferer, has died in his home town of Minneapolis USA on Tuesday 1st June 2010, aged just 38.

I first came into contact with Jeremy about eighteen months ago after reading his story on the City Pages website about his battle with anorexia and bulimia. The article titled ‘Boy, Interrupted’ told Jeremy’s ongoing battle with the eating disorders in his own words, uncensored. Never before had I heard such a raw and heart felt story about a man whose life had been truly ravaged by the wicked diseases and a host of psychological problems that he was facing.

Since the age of 12 Jeremy developed eating disorders after being bullied at school for being ‘chubby.’ For over 25 years he had endured the illnesses and was hospitalised on numerous occasions but was unable to fully recover. Despite his struggles he wanted to share his story with others to show the devastating effects.

One way in which Jeremy reached out to others was through his blog. He once said he receives emails from guys and girls who related with him and wanted to share their experiences with him. I knew it gave him reassurance to know that he wasn’t suffering on his own. 

His modelling work became a particular focus in any articles about Jeremy. Throughout his twenties he was a muscular model with an ambition to turn it into a career. However, a lack of work meant this didn’t happen. Instead of focusing on another career path all he could see was rejection, which he internalised and ultimately fuelled his eating disorder.

 Jeremy was committed to sharing his experiences to help others. He recently said he wanted to write a book and go on a speaking tour. I always admired Jeremy for his courage and openess about his life.

It saddens me immensely that Jeremy had passed away. I only ever got to know Jeremy through emails, yet it almost felt as if we had met. Through our corespondance it struck me how much of a lovely and warm-hearted person he was.


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