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Neil Holmes is appointed as the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees

MGEDT is pleased to announce the appointment of Neil Homes as our new Chairman of the board of Trustees.

“I am very passionate about this field of work; it is both a vital and necessary area and one which lacks the necessary investment and status it merits. The work and mission of MGEDT in addressing this in-balance is significant. I believe the core objectives of the charity are valuable to society as a whole and on doubt the individuals affected by these difficult and challenging issues.

I’m passionate about neighbourhoods and communities and the role of the third sector within these. I’m committed to influencing health inequalities and social injustice, in-particular issues relating to well-being and mental health. I believe in challenging prejudice, discrimination and stigma. I feel that the right of an individual to self-determine can be undermined by the practice of the state.

The stigma and taboo regarding men and eating disorders is damaging to all and in particular those affected, I believe this is a critical issue for society, which must be challenged, influenced and ultimately changed.

I believe that users by experience and peer-led initiatives have a key role in supporting recovery and maintaining resilience, alongside running services: I feel far more emphasis and investment should be aligned to this. I believe the current environment where treatment approaches, can at times be unhelpful and at worst compounding, needs to be re-considered and changed and I feel passionate about influencing and seeking to change this.

I am the Dep CEO of a local community interest company (CIC), which delivers day and community care services for mental health. I am the chair of the Local Involvement Network Mental Health Action Group and co-chair the Men’s Network Mental Health Task Force. I am also a trustee of the Community and Voluntary Sector Forum and a director of the 5 Mountains (charity). These roles mean I am up-to date with current

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issues, trends and perspectives regarding mental health.

My roles and experiences have enabled me to understand the importance of supporting and working alongside trustees and the management team to drive a business forward. I believe in a process of collaboration and partnership, to find the best outcomes and solutions. Alongside this I also recognise the need to ensure the organisation remains robust, operates within its purpose and is methodical in its business approach and delivery.

I am looking forward to working with the board and Project Leader on the organisation’s business development, offering advice, and hands-on proactive input.”


'Men Get Eating Disorders Too' is a registered charity in England and Wales no. 1139351.

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