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MGEDT Founder speaks at Pe(n)sa Differente Coneference

On 17th June Sam Thomas (MGEDT Founder & Director) spoke at the Pe(n)sa Differente conference in Leece, South Italy. It was the ninth edition of the annual eating disorders and obesity conference with the theme: ‘Creative Expression and Authentic Beauty.’

Sam spoke at the Teatro Romano and gave a ‘special testimonial’ about his experience and the work of the charity. He said: “Without question it was an honour and privilege to take part in the conference and be able to share my experience and knowledge with the attendees. I felt welcomed by the conference organisers and would like to thank Andrea Sagni for inviting me to speak. It’s not every day you get to speak at ancient roman theatres so will definitely be a moment to remember for a long time!

Most of all I hope that by speaking that we have done ‘our bit’ to further advance awareness of eating disorders in men in Italy. Hopefully it will enable professionals to think about what they can do to be better aware of the issues to support men suffering.”

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