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Personal stories

In this section of the site you find a catalogue of stories from men who are recovering or recovered from eating disorders. The stories are diverse and represent men of all ages, backgrounds and sexualities.

These stories may contain details in which some people may find distressing or difficult to read. Each of these stories is included on the site to reflect on the realities of men who experience eating disorders, whilst aiming to promote recovery. Please note that each of the stories is representative and not everyone will experience an eating disorder in the same way. We hope that having read these stories, this will help ease the isolation and secrecy you may be experiencing.


Tell us your story

Would you like to tell your story on our website? If you are a male with an experience of eating disorders and would like to tell your story to help support other men in similar situations please get in touch. We are always keen to hear from men of any age, background, sexuality who have had experience of any of the eating disorders, including exercise and body image disorders.

We are equally keen to hear from carers, parents, siblings and partners of men with an experience of eating disorders to tell their story in this section of the site.

If you would like to share your story please email

Disclaimer: These stories are available to everyone. Please be aware that if you submit a story, as well as being available to other men in a similar situation and the general public, it may be used by those researching male eating disorders who are looking for data in order to improve our understanding of men’s experiences. This means your story could appear in research work and publications in the future. Do give this careful consideration before sharing your story.


Check out our thirty minute film ‘Millstone’ directed by Florence Pellacani. It includes the experiences of seven men with eating disorders, a transgender person and two mother caring for sons.

Please be aware the film may be triggering to some sufferers but not intentionally so.

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