Be an MGEDT Ambassador

Ambassadors support our Director by promoting our work as widely as possible and encouraging more people to support MGEDT. They are committed to our cause and to raising awareness of eating disorders in men.

The Role of an Ambassador

An ambassador acts as an official representative and spokesperson of MGEDT. An ambassador is not a Trustee and does not have any of the legal responsibilities of a Trustee or for the management of the organisation.

The purpose of an Ambassador is to lend their voice to support men with eating disorders to promote awareness of the issues and recovery. This will, in turn, will support many of the charity’s functions like fundraising, campaigning, public relations, marketing and awareness-building for our cause. One way they will do this is by encouraging our supporters to register as champions to increase all round involvement in the organisation and activities.

MGEDT seeks to engage with more men with eating disorders, create new volunteering opportunities and increase their involvement in all areas of our work. Over time, we want to develop user-involvement throughout the organisation – our Ambassadors will be driving force and will take lead in order enable this.

Ambassador duties include:

  • Speaking at conferences, public events, meetings etc and network as a spokesperson for MGEDT and eating disorders in men.
  • Assisting with PR and media work by providing quotes in press releases and giving interviews.
  • Promoting volunteering (e.g. champions scheme) to enhance involvement and capacity in our work.
  • Attending user-led steering group sessions, MGEDT events and conferences as required.
  • Assisting the Director with strategic planning, grant bidding, fundraising and user consultations.

The role will be regularly reviewed and developed in consultation with founder Ambassadors and the Director.

Our next Ambassadors recruitment round will be in Spring 2016. To express your interest in applying please email





'Men Get Eating Disorders Too' is a registered charity in England and Wales no. 1139351.

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