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Would you like to tell your story in the media to raise awareness of eating disorders in men? If you are a male with an experience of eating disorders and would like to tell your story to help support other men in similar situations please get in touch.

We are equally keen to hear from carers, parents, siblings and partners of men with an experience of eating disorders.

Media request

Participants aged under 25 required for Channel 4 documentary on eating disorders

Brook Lapping has been commissioned by Channel 4 to produce a one-hour documentary on eating disorders, presented by Mark Austin and his daughter Maddy.

In this very personal film, Mark and his daughter Maddy will draw on their own family’s experiences of dealing with Maddy’s eating disorder – outlined in their recent article for the Sunday Times. Together, they will be travelling around the UK meeting sufferers, families and health professionals, to gain a better understanding of the state of provision across the country – including the challenges faced by specialists and patients alike in seeking to get the best care for those dealing with eating disorders.

Too often eating disorders are falsely labelled as a “young girl’s disease”.  We know this is not the case and are keen to include a male case study in our documentary.  We would be really grateful to hear from anyone who would be willing to have a chat with us about the film – strictly in confidence of course for any initial conversations.

If you are interested please email or call 07816601815.

Participants required for BBC 2 documentary with Louis Theroux on eating disorders

BBC 2 are working on a documentary about people suffering from Anorexia, and the impact of battling this illness on individuals and their families. The 60-minute film will be broadcast on BBC Two, and will be presented by Louis Theroux. Louis is a respected and experienced documentary maker who has made documentaries about a range of sensitive and challenging subjects including autism, alcoholism and dementia.

We understand that eating disorders are complex and that diagnosis and treatment can be hugely challenging for individuals and their families. With eating disorders affecting an increasing number of people, including both boys and men, (a fact which is rarely discussed in the media), we hope to follow the stories of a range of individuals who are battling this serious mental illness, to educate our viewers about the impact of eating disorders and challenge some of the stigma surrounding them.

We are aware that we are dealing with a very serious issue, so the documentary will be made in close collaboration with individuals, their families and professionals providing treatment to ensure that any filming is approached in a safe, appropriate and sensitive manner.

If you are interested in learning more about our documentary, or in sharing your experiences of anorexia, please do get in touch. Please be assured that all conversations will be confidential and that there’s no expectation for you to be filmed or to take part in the documentary, we are just really interested in hearing your story to inform our research.

If you are interested in taking part please contact Ellena Wood or or call 07734 966543

LGBT participants required for BBC Three documentary on mental health, eating disorders and self-harm

“Antidote Productions are making a new BBC Three documentary shining a light on young LGBT+ mental health. The programme will explore what it means to grow up LGBT+ and the effects discrimination and stigma can have on mental health. They’d currently like to hear from gay, bisexual and queer men aged 18-28 who are struggling with their mental health. In the film they will sensitively explore why LGBT+ people suffer disproportionately from mental health problems and look at ways we can all address this.

This film is being made by a gay and lesbian team who have an understanding of the complexities of growing up LGBT+ and will be fronted by a young figurehead from within the community who has experienced their own battle with mental health.

If you might be interested then please contact or call 0207 3826231 for a confidential chat, this would be an opportunity for him to tell you a little bit more about the programme, without any obligation to take the conversation further.

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