Research participation requests

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Would you be in a position to share your experience to improve knowledge and understanding of eating disorders in men? If you are a male with an experience of eating disorders and would like to tell your story to help support other men in similar situations please get in touch.

We are equally keen to hear from carers, parents, siblings and partners of men with an experience of eating disorders.

Research participation requests

Hungry for Words Research Data Collection via Skype Interviews

Hungry for Words is a research project based at the University of Nottingham. It explores understandings of, and experiences with, anorexia nervosa among males. This eating disorder is still often perceived as a ‘female-only problem’, despite evidence of its increasing incidence among males in Western societies.

As part of this Hungry for Words project, two researchers – who are both practicing therapists with experience of working with people with eating disorders – would like to conduct short interviews with males who have experience of anorexia nervosa. We are mainly interested in what difference talking about your experience with anorexia nervosa has made, and also what you think is specific about the male experience of this eating disorder. We would like to help people learn from your own story. Interviews will take place online. The aim this research is to change perceptions of, and perhaps policies around, the diagnosis and treatment of anorexia nervosa among males.

For any enquiries and to get involved please email Danielle Mills:

Anorexic Males treated with Female Oriented Treatment Methods

We are undertaking a qualitative doctoral study on how female oriented treatments may affect male anorexia nervosa sufferers. Two in-person interviews with each participant to inform practice and ultimately improve treatment for future male eating disorder sufferers.

As almost 90% of individuals diagnosed with eating disorders are women and girls, most of the research has been focused around female sufferers. In light of the increasing number of men and boys being diagnosed, more awareness around how they might differ from females is needed.

To take part you must be over 18 and male, have had the diagnosis Anorexia Nervosa for a minimum of two years, had treatment for your condition and currently have some support around your eating disorder.

If you decide to take part in this study you will be interviewed twice with approximately four weeks between interviews. The interviews will be done in person and take place in a private setting in London, Essex or Brighton. The content of the interviews will be kept strictly confidential.

You can take part by contacting the researcher via email. If you are considering taking part but feel unsure, please feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns you may have without any commitment. Your participation is voluntary. Your unique insight could lead to improved treatment methods for future sufferers.

For any enquiries and to get involved please email:


Men’s Experience of Seeking Help for Disordered Eating

This research aims to look at the experience of men when seeking help for an eating disorder, to explore the barriers preventing men from seeking help for an eating disorder and to look at what social factors influence this.

To be eligible for participation, you must be male, over the age of 18 and identify yourself as having an eating disorder. Clinical diagnosis not required. This will be conducted via semi-structured email interviews. The researcher will email you a group of questions at a time and you will respond to that email with your answers to those questions. Email interviews are expected to last approximately one week. It is hoped that you will respond within two days and the research is committed to responding within one day back.

This study has received ethical approval from Nottingham Trent University’s School of Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee.

To sign up, please email either:

Student Researcher Sarah Lawlor

Research Supervisor: Niamh McNamara,

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