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‘Why I’m raising funds for MGEDT by running the Silverstone Half Marathon’ By Tan Quddus

My name is Tan Quddus, I’m 26 and a Personal Trainer at Nuffield Health Fitness and Well Being centre, Surbiton.

I graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Sport Psychology and have always been fascinated with the link between mental and physical health. I recently became more aware of eating disorders when I met Lynn Crilly, a trustee of MGEDT, I was so inspired by her story and work that I to wanted to make a difference,

Something I discovered very quickly is the alarming lack of help and support there is available for men who have experienced problems with their relationship with food and that there are many suffering in silence with what can feel like a never-ending struggle. The idea that an eating disorder is something only women experience must leave many male sufferers feeling lonely and helpless.

Sam and the MGEDT team are doing a wonderful job in running workshops and raising awareness in eating disorders for men but more needs to be done.

I’m running the Silverston Half Marathon on Sunday 3rd of March in an attempt to raise as much money as possible to set up an online peer support system where sufferers can get the care they need to help them. Every penny from your kind donations will go towards tackling this issue head on.

After all, Men Get Eating Disorder Too and together we can help both carers and sufferers to win the fight against it.

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