Our history

Men Get Eating Disorders Too was founded by Sam Thomas in 2008 in response to the lack of awareness and service provision for men affected by eating disorders.

Having suffered bulimia throughout his teenage and early adult years Sam knew first hand how difficult it can be to get help being a male with an eating disorder. Reflecting on these experiences he realised there wasn’t much out there for men that provided them with essential information so that men can recognise their symptoms. This led to the idea of setting up the website, which was thought to be the first and only website dedicated to supporting and representing the needs of men.

The site was launched in spring 2009 with the support of ITV Fixers (now Fixers UK) they helped with the development of the website and to establish the campaign. MGEDT was featured in the monthly ITV Fixers slot on ‘Meridian Tonight’ in the South-east in December 2008 in which Sam interviewed his dad about his perspective of having a son with an eating disorder and counsellor Lorna Marchant.

Sam on ITV Fixers report shown on Meridian Tonight in Dec 09

Following the launch the campaign spiraled and Sam found himself regularly giving interviews on national TV, radio and newspapers. Fixers UK (previously ITV Fixers) have estimated that MGEDT has reached over 18 million people in five years UK and globally.

Professionals and researchers from a wide variety of sectors recognise that male eating disorders are a massively under-represented issue. From 2012 to 2014 MGEDT has delivered 28 workshops to professionals UK-wide including Scotland and Northern Ireland.

MGEDT continues to grow and is the leading charity for men with eating disorders. Here are some testimonies demonstrating our impact to date:

“MGEDT was a lifeline to me when I was severely ill with anorexia. Its pages were full of information and help, advice and support links which helped me on my way to recovery.”

“MGEDT is a real resource for men struggling with eating disorders. Because they are too often classed as something only women deal with, men are not likely to speak out or seek help. Resorting to the internet is probably the only way men can start their journey to full health and MGEDT is there to help them make the first step.”

“For me one of the biggest problems with my eating disorder was that I felt like a freak, alone and unusual. The whole ethos of the charity is to get rid of that notion. By meeting likeminded people who have had similar experiences in an environment where they are happy to talk about their struggle in an honest and down to earth way has been invaluable. The positive message that it carries and the help that it gives cannot be quantified but is hugely appreciated.”

“MGEDT gave me a real belief that I could turn things around. Sam contacted me about my story and it really helped me understand the position I was in, seek help and realise things weren’t going to change on their own.


'Men Get Eating Disorders Too' is a registered charity in England and Wales no. 1139351.

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