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Nick and Sarah’s Advent Calendar Challenge

The body image advent is the second Nick and Sarah challenge!

Our first challenge was running around for one week collecting photo’s of as many people wearing the MGEDT charity bands as possible (obliged at this point to mention that Sarah won, by quite a bit).

So you know what we are doing…. 24 days, a different body image topic each day and we are hitting the streets to get videos of the public’s opinion on the different topics (you can view the topics in the calendar page) I am sure there will be the odd video of Nick and Sarah as the time goes on (either bemused about something they heard, or it being too funny not to share).

A little bit about Nick & Sarah

Nick Watts

Nick is an eating disorders and body image campaigner from Oxford. He is one of the people behind the charity Men Get Eating Disorders Too, the only charity worldwide representing men and eating disorders. He also works with young people suffering from Mental Health problems and other difficulties and also writes for several places on eating disorders, body image and mental health. Twitter: @nickinoxford

Sarah Fullagar

Sarah works for Body Gossip, the nations leading body image campaign after being part of the production team for BodyGossipBath which became the flagship event for Body Gossip on Tour, which allows students to hold a Body Gossip event at their university. Sarah also tours around schools in Bristol with a local company delivering drama workshops on subjects such as domestic abuse and bullying. Twitter @BodyGossipSarah

The organisations

During the Advent Calendar challenge we have set up a fundraising page, where you can make a donation… At the end of the challenge all the money raised will be split in half and each of the organisations (MGEDT and Body Gossip) will receive half each. You can donate using the button below which will take you in another window to Charity Giving. To donate online please click here

Finally! We hope you enjoy the challenge… so please check out the calendar and don’t forget to submit your responses..

Nick and Sarah x

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